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9 thoughts on “Stella Vig

  1. Stella,

    I thought nothing would be the same again when my incident affected my face, my hearing and my taste buds. But I am amazed again and again at how the human body heals, how the hearing in one ear suddenly gets Sharper whilst yr healing.

    Thanks to the consultant and the physio team at yr hospital. My hearing is almost 100% and my face moves normally.
    I’m sure you’ll recover too.

    The healing period is the hardest coz u can’t do anything and you are always doing everything you can for others. So let another expert consultant to the magic you do for others to you.

    All the very best wishes to you during this time.

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  2. Stella I m so so sorry to hear about this news just now -we wish you from the heart a total recovery and lot of strength – our prayer will be with you – when is your surgery ? Lots of love

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